Horizontal multistage pumps, radial section multistage pumps

           Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage PumpQD, QDG series Horizontal High Pressure Multistage PumpDescription: QD, QDG series centrifugal multistage pumps and QDL series vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are multiple single stage impeller combined together mak

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           Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump

Electric Stainless Steel High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal Water Pump

QD, QDG series Horizontal High Pressure Multistage Pump

Description: QD, QDG series centrifugal multistage pumps and QDL series vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are multiple single stage impeller combined together makes head high. 

They are used for pure water and liquids with concentration less than 1%, particles smaller than 0.1mm, or liquids similar to water in physico-chemical property. QD series pump's medium temperature can not exceed 80ºC, QDG series can not exceed 150ºC. Head: 76-1080m, flow rate: 3-600m3/h. 

We can use different materials of HT200, QT500, ZG500 stainless steel etc by different medium.

1) Easy installation and move;

2) Pump body support by anchor assure the stable structure and maximum resistance off-center and distortion caused by line load;

3) No overload design, make sure performance operate stably;

4) Adopt national standard hydraulic model make sure high operation efficiency and good anti-cavitation performance;

5) Packing seal and mechanical seal are available.   

Performance Range
Flow rate: 3~500m3/h
Head: 70~650m
Pressure: 7~65Bar
Speed: 1450~2950rpm
Max Eff: 90%

20 years in producing horizontal boiler feed high pressure hot oil booster pump without motor 
Independent Design
advanced technology from Australia, Canada, America
Specialized Test Equipment
Anti-rust treatment casting
Supply reasonable suggestion for choosing pumps
OEM available

 Performance Data Sheet for pump 

QD Series Multistage Pump Specification
Pump typeFlow
Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump

QD Multistage Water Pump Features
1.Multistage pump compact structure, small size,beautiful appearance, its vertical structure decided small installation area,its centre of gravity overlap center of pump foot, thus enhancing the runningstability and service life of the pump.
2. The multistage pump can meet differentrequirements by increasing or decreasing the pump stages combining cuttingimpeller diameter, without changing the installation area, and this is themultistage pump special own.
3. Pump rotor is provided with low wind ability toachieve smooth operation, little vibration, low noise and long service life .
4. According to the needs, the suction and dischargenozzles can be installed into the same direction, several different directionsin order to meet different connection.
5. Motor plus outer rain cover, pump can be placedin the outdoor use, cancel the pump room, save construction cost.

QD Multistage Water Pump Structure
Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump


For this series horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, both ends of it are supported, the casing portion is in a sectional form. it is connected to and actuated by a motor via a resilient clutch and the rotating direction of it. viewing from the actuating end. is clockwise. Refer to Fig. I for the structure of it.

Stator portion
Consists of suck-in section. middle-section, spitting section, guide vane, packing etc., which are linked together with a take-up bolt. with both suck-in and spitting mouths vertically upward.

Rotor portion
Consists of a shaft, impeller, balancing disk, muff etc. Parts.

Bearing portion
The whole rotor is supported by the roller bearings or
sliding bearings on both ends of the shaft and the bearings are lubricated with grease or 20# engin oil.

Cooling and seal of pump
The joint-part between suction section, intermediate section and discharge section with be coated with molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease as seal. Rotor and fixed parts will be sealed by seal ring, guide-vane jacket and packing. The packing tensile degree of shaft seal should be proper and seep should be feasible dip by dip Unload run should be forbid. The seal ring and guide vane jacket should be replaced if they are too worn to be used any more and even do harm to pump work. There is spare shaft sleeve near shaft seal to protect shaft of pump.

Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump

QD Multistage Water Pump Materials
The QD multistage water pump is widely used for cleanwater, hot water and sea water and chemical processing. There are differentmaterial for the pump parts for different liquid pumped:
No.CountryCast IronDuctile IronStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316

We could also do all kinds of special materials like bronze(brass), duplex stainless steel pump and parts for special application.

Tips for boiler feed high pressure hot oil booster pump installation
 Please take note as below when install the high pressure water pump:
1. The preformed hole on the foundation should be poured as the pump installation drawing.
2. The installation level should meet the demand of the allowed vacuum suction height. The foundation should be in horizontal and stable condition, to make sure the rotation of the driver machinery same with the pump in the direction.
3. When connect by coupling, must make sure the pump and driver shaft center  should be in a straight line.
4. If belt connection, the shaft center should be in parallel.
5. The boiler feed water pump suction pipe should be sealed well, and try to less the quantity of the elbow and check valve. When fill water, exhausted the air. It should be no any air when operate. We need to keep the suction pipe slopes up slightly, and then connect with the pump inlet.

Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump

Reliable and comprehensive quality assurance system ensures the excellent quality of our products. We have got the "International Standard" certification, manufactured according to GB, Department of superscript, and industry standards, we implement a comprehensive quality management during the entire process of production, accordance with the process file processing strictly, and a variety of detection methods etc.
We have meet the requirements of GB3216-89 national Class B accuracy, <>, computer test data monitoring of water test pumping station application. There are physical chemistry laboratory, metallographic analysis room in our factory, for testing material properties in different respects.
1. Quality Policy
   Advocates quality is the life of enterprise, assiduous, the pursuit of excellence
2. Quality objectives
   qualified products rate 99%, factory qualified pass rate: 100%
3. Quality Commitment
  1) We will continue to improve the awareness of quality, implementing as GB/T19001-2000 quality assurance model standard, meeting technical requirements stipulated in the contract. We are not only discharge for the supplier host, but also for the quality of spare parts, external assistance products etc.
  2) We promise the delivery time stipulated in the contract.

Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump


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Horizontal Multistage Pump, Radial Sectional Section Multistage Pump



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